Radio Hits of 1996

1996 Sports

*World Series Champions: New York Yankees
*Superbowl Champions: Dallas Cowboys
*NBA Champions: Chicago Bulls
*Stanley Cup Champs: Colorado Avalanche
*U.S. Open Golf: Steve Jones
*U.S. Tennis: Pete Sampras/Steffi Graf
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): Richard Krajiceck/Steffi Graf
*NCAA Football Champions: Florida
*NCAA Basketball: Kentucky
*Kentucky Derby: Grindstone

Fashion Icons:

Claudia Schiffer.

Other Facts (1996)

*Gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur is shot four times in a drive-by shooting. He dies six days later at age 25.
*The "Macarena" is the big dance craze.
*Broadcasters and television and PC manufacturers agree on a standard for HDTV (high-definition digital television).
*Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales get divorced.
*The first DVD's are Launched in Japan.
*Popular Movies in 1996: Independence Day, Twister, Fargo, Jerry Maguire, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Shine, Sling Blade.
*The number of users on the Internet exceed 10 million and the year Ebay and Ask Jeeves is started .
*Mad Cow Disease hits Britain causing the mass slaughter of Herds of Cows.
*Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's consective MLB game record when he played game number 2,131.
*Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber was captured. He had killed and injured 23 people in his 17-year spree. He was turned in by his brother.
*Jazz great Ella Fitzgerald dies.
*President Bill Clinton signs legislation that significantly deregulates telecommunications, creating almost limitless opportunities for broadcasters and cable companies.
*Jim Carrey was the first actor to make $20,000,000 to star in a single film, The Cable Guy.
*Binti, a gorilla at the Brookfield Illinois Zoo, grabbed a 3 year-old who had fallen in the cage, protected him from the other apes, and delivered him to zoo personel.
*Janet Jackson becomes the highest paid musician in history when she signs an $80-million deal with Virgin Records.
*Oprah started her famous book club.
*Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: David Ho
*Miss America: Shawntel Smith (Muldrow, OK)
*Miss USA: Ali Landry (Louisiana)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Tickle Me Elmo, Toy Story toys, Pokemon, Beanie Babies catch on triggered by McDonalds mini-beanie-babie giveway.
What Was On TV:
E.R. (NBC), Seinfeld (NBC), Suddenly Susan (NBC), Friends (NBC), The Naked Truth (NBC), Fired Up (NBC), The Single Guy (NBC), Home Improvement (ABC), Touched By An Angetl (CBS), 60 Minutes (CBS).


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On the streets in 1996 people were dancing to the "Macarena". It is a Spanish dance song by Los del Rio about a woman of the same name. It was an international hit in 1996, and continues to have a cult following. One of the most iconic of 1990s dance music, it was ranked the "#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of all Time" by VH1 in 2002. The song ranks at #5 on Billboard's All Time Top 100. It also ranks at #1 on Billboard's All Time Latin Songs. It is also Billboard's #1 dance song and one of five foreign language songs to hit #1 since 1995's modern rock era began..

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