Radio Hits of 1993

1993 Sports

*World Series Champions: Toronto Blue Jays
*Superbowl Champions: Dallas Cowboys
*NBA Champions: Chicago Bulls
*Stanley Cup Champs: Montreal Canadiens
*U.S. Open Golf: Lee Janzen
*U.S. Tennis: Pete Sampras/Steffi Graf
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): Pete Sampras/Steffi Graf
*NCAA Football Champions: Florida State
*NCAA Basketball: North Carolina
*Kentucky Derby: Sea Hero

Fashion Icons:

Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, Marky Mark Wahlberg, Fabio.

Other Facts (1993)

The British House of Commons approves European unity pact (May 20). Maastricht Treaty takes effect, creating the European Union.
*Michael Jackson was alleged to have engaged in sexual activities with a teenage boy.
*Federal agents besiege Texas Branch Davidian religious cult after six are killed in raid (March 1). Fire kills 72 as cult standoff in Texas ends with federal assault (April 19).
*"Got Milk?" - California Milk Processor Board.
*For the first time Islamic Fundamentalists bomb the World Trade Center.
*Brandon Lee was accidentally killed on the movie set 'The Crow'.
*The ever popular Beanie Babies are launched.
*A magnitude 7.8 earthquake off Hokkaido, Japan launches a devastating tsunami, killing 202 on the small island of Okushiri, Hokkaido.
*Earthquake centered on Killari, Maharashtra, India kills nearly 10,000 people.
*Popular Movies in 1993: Schindler's List, Philadelphia, Six Degrees of Separation, Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Firm, Sleepless In Seattle.
*Yitzhak Rabin ( Israel ) and Yasser Arafat ( PLO ) sign peace agreement on September 13th on White House lawn.
*The first bagless vacuum cleaner is invented.
*First humans cloned. Cells taken from defective human embryos that were to be discarded in infertility clinic are grown in vitro and develop up to 32-cell stage and then are destroyed.
*River Phoenix dies of a drug overdose on Halloween. He was 23.
*"The Truth is out there" - X-Files.
*Intel introduces the Pentium Processor.
*Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: The Peacemakers, Represented by Yasser Arafat, F.W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela, and Yitzhak Rabin.
*Miss America: Shannon Marketic (California)
*Miss USA: Kenya Moore (Michigan)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Power Rangers action figures, 1850's Southern Belle Barbie, Barbie Batgirl giftset, Beanie Babies, Magic The Gathering role-playing card game.
What Was On TV:
60 Minutes (CBS), Home Improvement (ABC), Seinfeld (NBC), Roseanne (ABC), Grace Under Fire (ABC), Coach (ABC), Frasier (NBC), Murphy Brown (CBS), Murder, She Wrote (CBS), Thunder Alley (ABC).


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Michael Jackson was accused of sexually abusing a thirteen-year-old boy (Jordie Chandler). Jackson vehemently denied the accusations made by the father of the 13-year old and he was never charged. A civil case was settled out of court in early 1994 when he paid a reported $20 million.

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