Radio Hits of 1989

1989 Sports

*World Series Champions: Oakland Athletics
*Superbowl Champions: San Francisco 49ers
*NBA Champions: Detroit Pistons
*Stanley Cup Champs: Calgary Flames
*U.S. Open Golf: Curtis Strange
*U.S. Tennis: Boris Becker/Steffi Graf
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): Boris Becker/Steffi Graf
*NCAA Football Champions: Miami
*NCAA Basketball: Michigan
*Kentucky Derby: Sunday Silence

Fashion Icons:

Pamela Anderson, Elle Macpherson.

Other Facts (1989)

"Following Massive protests the Berlin Wall and the East German Government both are dismantled which leads after many years to the reunification of East and West Germany.
*Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida's electric chair.
*Pro democracy protesters clash with Chinese Security Forces in Tiananmen Square and the pictures of a man taking on a tank are seen on TV news throughout the world.
*Rebecca Schaeffer, star of TV's My Sister Sam, was killed by a stalker who got her address from California's Department of Motor Vehicles.
*"If you build it, he will come." - Ray Liotta (voice of Shoeless Joe Jackson) in 'Field of Dreams'.
*Popular Movies in 1989: Glory, Born on the Fourth of July, My Left Foot, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Field of Dreams.
*George Herbert Walker Bush inaugurated as 41st US President (Jan. 20).
*Mikhail S. Gorbachev named Soviet President (May 25).
*Ruptured tanker Exxon Valdez sends 11 million gallons of crude oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound (March 24).
*Allegations that Major League Baseball star Pete Rose gambled on the Game became public.
*The Energizer Bunny was introduced to an unsuspecting public, replacing gymnast Mary Lou Retton as the energetic spokesperson.
*"This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" - Partnership for a Drug-Free America.
*First World Wide Web server and browser developed by Tim Berners-Lee (England) while working at CERN.
*Salman Rushdie's novel Satanic Verses is published and sparks immediate controversy. Islamic militants put a price on his head.
*America's beloved comedienne Lucille Ball dies at age 87.
*"I'll have what she's having." - Estelle Reiner, in 'When Harry Met Sally'.
*Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: Mikhail Gorbachev
*Miss America: Gretchen Carlson (Anoka, MN)
*Miss USA: Gretchen Polhemus (Texas)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Tetris, Sega Genesis , Polly Pockets , Nintendo Game Boy, Trolls.
What Was On TV:
The Cosby Show (NBC), Roseanne (ABC), Cheers (NBC), A Different World (NBC), America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC), The Golden Girls (NBC), 60 Minutes (CBS), The Wonder Years (ABC), Empty Nest (NBC), Monday Night Football (ABC).


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"If I Could Turn Back Time" was seen as a major comeback for Cher in 1989. The song charted at number 1 in Australia and Norway, number 3 in the United States and number 6 in the United Kingdom and it became Cher's second consecutive number 1 in the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. It topped the charts in two countries and it became a top ten hit in nearly ten countries. Cher's outfit for the video (a fishnet body stocking under a very revealing black one-piece bathing suit) caused some controversy, and many television networks refused to show the video. In 1989 the MTV network banned the video and later played it only after 9 p.m. A "censored" video was made, including new scenes, and showing less explicitly sexual content than the original.

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