Radio Hits of 1983

1983 Sports

*World Series Champions: Baltimore Orioles
*Superbowl Champions: Washington Redskins
*NBA Champions: Philadelphia 76ers
*Stanley Cup Champs: New York Islanders
*U.S. Open Golf: Larry Nelson
*U.S. Tennis: Jimmy Connors/Martina Navratilova
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): John McEnroe/Martina Naratilova
*NCAA Football Champions: Miami
*NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State
*Kentucky Derby: Sunny's Halo

Fashion Icons:

Charlene Tilton, Suzanne Somers, Catherine Bach, Cheryl Tiegs, Iman, Christie Brinkley.

Other Facts (1983)

*Singer Karen Carpenter, 32, dies from an eating disorder and the word 'anorexia' entered the American vocabulary.
*Korean Air flight 007 was shot down over Soviet airspace without warning.
*The FCC authorizes Motorola to begin testing cellular phone service.
*In 1966 Dick Shulze founded his stereo store, 'The Sound of Music.' In 1983, he renamed it "Best Buy" and statred the current chain of home electronics stores.
*The Computer mouse was invented.
*Sally Ride became the first woman in Space.
*More than 125 million viewers tune in to the last episode of M*A*S*H.
*With the introduction of noise-free compact discs, the vinyl record begins a steep decline.
*Second space shuttle, Challenger, makes successful maiden voyage, which includes the first US space walk in nine years (April 4).
*Benigno S. Aquino, Jr., 50, political rival of Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, is assassinated in Manila.
*Jim Thorpe regained his 1912 decathlon and pentathlon Olympic Gold Medals, 30 years fter his death.
*"Go ahead, make my day" - Clint Eastwood in 'Sudden Impact'.
*Breakdancing gains popularity on the street and in the media.
*"Captain Bob Pearson landed Flight 143, piloting a Air Canada Boeing 767, at the RCAF Station Gimli, a closed air force base, with several mechanical failures going on, and NO FUEL.
*US Supreme Court declares many local abortion restrictions unconstitutional (June 15).
*Crack" cocaine is developed in the Bahamas, and soon appears in the United States.
*Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: Ronald Reagan, Yuri Andetopov
*Miss America: Debra Maffett (Anaheim, CA)
*Miss USA: Julie Hayek (California)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Nintendo Entertainment System, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids were the must-have Christmas toy.
What Was On TV:
Dallas (CBS), 60 Minutes (CBS), Dynasty (ABC), The A-Team (NBC), Simon & Simon (CBS), Magnum, P.I. (CBS), Falcon Crest (CBS), Kate & Allie (CBS), Hotel (ABC), Cagney & Lacey (CBS).


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Madonna burst on the scene in 1983 with her debut album of Madonna. It was released on July 27, 1983 by Sire Records. Contemporary critics have applauded the album, but Madonna was dismissed by some critics. The album was successful on the charts, reaching number eight on the Billboard 200 and worldwide the album has sold more than ten million copies. "Lucky Star", was her first top-five hit.

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