Radio Hits of 1974

1974 Sports

*World Series Champions: Oakland Athletics
*Superbowl Champions: Miami Dolphins
*NBA Champions: Boston Celtics
*Stanley Cup Champs: Philadelphia Flyers
*U.S. Open Golf: Hale Irwin
*U.S. Tennis: Jimmy Connors/Billie Jean King
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): Jimmy Connors/Chris Evert
*NCAA Football Champions: Oklahoma & USC
*NCAA Basketball North Carolina State
*Kentucky Derby: Cannonade

Fashion Icons:

Raquel Welch, Pam Grier.

Other Facts (1974)

"You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" - resigning President Richard Nixon
*Vice President Gerald R. Ford of Michigan is sworn in as 38th President of the US (Aug. 9).
*Mama Cass died from an obesity related heart attack.
*Patty Hearst, heiress to the Hearst Newspaper group, was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, later joining the group in a bank heist.
*Liposuction invented by Giorgio Fischer in Rome, Italy.
*Premier Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defects and joins the American Ballet Theatre.
*Patti Smith releases what is considered to be the first punk rock single, "Hey Joe."
*Ford grants "full, free, and absolute pardon" to ex-President Nixon (Sept. 8).
*After several decades of deciding how to do it, in June, the first U.P.C. scanner was installed at a Marsh's supermarket in Troy, Ohio. The first product to have a bar code included was a packet of Wrigley's Gum.
*The national speed limit was lowered to 55 miles per hour.
*"Streaking", (Running naked in public), was the fad.
*21 year-old Michael Kittredge opened his Yankee Candle factory.
*Movies in 1974 include Chinatown, The Godfather Part II, Day for Night, Blazing Saddles, The Towering Inferno.
*Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1974: $103,000
*The U.S. military draft ends.
*Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: King Faisal
*Miss America: Rebecca King (Denver, CO)
*Miss USA: Karen Morrison (Illinois)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Connect Four, G.I. Joe with KUNG FU GRIP, Magna Doodle.
What Was On TV:
All in the Family (CBS), Sanford and Son (NBC), Chico and the Man (NBC), The Jeffersons (CBS), M*A*S*H (CBS), Rhoda (CBS), Good Times (CBS), The Waltons (CBS), Maude (CBS), Hawaii Five-O (CBS).


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"Streaking was the fad throughout the World in 1974. This is the first streaker at a major sporting event, also produced the most famous streaking photo ever. This photograph, taken by Ian Bradshaw, was Life magazine's "Picture of the Year" and also won the World Press Photo Award. People Magazine named it, "Picture of The Decade" The photo was taken during a rugby match between England and France, at Twickenham in February, 1974.

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