Radio Hits of 1969

1969 Sports

*World Series Champions: New York Mets
*Superbowl Champions: New York Jets
*NBA Champions: Boston Celtics
*Stanley Cup Champs: Montreal Canadiens
*U.S. Open Golf: Orville Moody
*U.S. Tennis: Rod Laver/Margaret Smith Court
*Wimbledon (Men/Women): Rod Laver/Ann Jones
*NCAA Football Champions: Texas
*NCAA Basketball UCLA
*Kentucky Derby: Majestic Prince

Fashion Icons:

Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Diana Rigg, Barbara Eden, Barbara Feldon.

Other Facts

Apollo 11 lands on the moon, and Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". July 20, 1969
*The WOODSTOCK Music Festival where 500,000 people gathered for three days of music and peace that changed the world.
*Ted Kennedy (Democrat) was involved with the drunk driving 'Chappaquiddick' incident involving the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.
*Sharon Tate and her unborn child were murdered by the Manson "Family", under the influence of Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" philosophy.
*Donald and Doris Fisher opened their clothing store,. The Gap, in San Francisco.
*The Rolling Stones "Altamont" concert erupts in violence with one spectator killed.
*Frank Sinatra recorded his signature song, "My Way" nearly three decades after he began his singing career.
*Joe Namath brashly guaranteed a victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. His team backed up his words by controlling most of the game with the Jets winning 16-7.
*The arpanet (first internet) invented, connecting four computers.
*Rolling Stones Brian Jones drowned.
*The Supreme Court orders desegregation nationwide.
*Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1969: $55,000.
*Lt. William Calley charged the murder of 102 South Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.
*James Earl Ray is sentenced to 99 years for Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder.
+Time Magazine's Man Of The Year: Middle Americans
*Miss America: Judith Ford (Belvidere, IL)
*Miss USA: Wendy Dascomb (Virginia)
*Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Tog'l, Upsy Downsys, Silly String, Astrolite, Toss Across, Big Wheels, Nerf Ball.
What Was On TV:
Rowan and Martin's Laugh In (NBC), Gunsmoke (CBS), Bonanza (NBC), Mayberry R.F.D. (CBS), Family Affair (CBS), Here's Lucy (CBS), The Red Skelton Hour (CBS), Marcus Welby, M.D. (ABC), Walt Disny's Wonderful World of Color (ABC), The Doris Day Show (CBS).


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