1954 Radio Oldies

In 1954

Prior to 1954, Thanksgiving turkeys were supplied by the local farmer or butcher, but Frank Swift's well-bred, larger-than-typical Butterball turkeys changed all that.

Roger Bannister was the first human to run a mile in less than four minutes (3:59) on May 6th. Mr. Bannister stopped running shortly after that, and became a neurologist. He was knighted (for his neurogist work) in 1975.

TV remote control becomes public

American surgeon Joseph Murray completed the first successful organ transplant when he moved a living kidney from one identical twin to the other. The operation took about 4 hours.

Philly-born pool player Willie Mosconi sunk 526 pool balls, without missing, in Springfield, Ohio. No one has come close to breaking that record.

Late 1954 is when Edgar Hetteen and David Johnson started making and selling their Polaris snowmobiles.

The CIA was involved with finacing and re-writing the animated film version of Animal Farm.

Paul Newman took an ad out in variet magazine apologizing for his performance in The Silver Chalice.

Popular Christmas Gifts include Matchbox Cars, Yahtzee, Lincoln Logs, Scrabble.

Time Magazine's Man Of The Year was John Foster Dulles.

Hits of 1954

Billboard FM 1954

Hits of 1954

* Little Things Mean a Lot - Kitty Kallen
* Wanted - Perry Como
* The Yellow Rose of Texas - Mitch Miller
* Hey There - Rosemary Clooney
* Sh-Boom - Crew Cuts
* Make Love to Me - Jo Stafford
* Oh! My Pa-pa - Eddie Fisher
* I Get so Lonely - Four Knights
* Three Coins in the Fountain - Four Aces
* Secret Love - Doris Day
* Young at Heart - Frank Sinatra
* This Ole House - Rosemary Clooney
* I Need You Now - Eddie Fisher
* Cross Over the Bridge - Patti Page
* That's Amore - Dean Martin
* Answer Me My Love - Nat King Cole
* Stranger in Paradise - Tony Bennett
* If You Love Me (Really Love Me) - Kay Starr
* Shake, Rattle and Roll - Bill Haley and His Comets

Way Back

Born in 1954:

Oprah Winfrey
Howard Stern
Denzel Washington
Christie Brinkley
Jerry Seinfeld
Jackie Chan
Condoleezza Rice
Walter Payton
Dennis Quaid
Catherine Bach